5 Great Gadgets Under £30 On Amazon

5 Great Gadgets Under £30 On Amazon

Rocketbook Wave Smart Reusable Notebook - Upload Notes Using iOSAndriod App and Then Microwave To Clear All Pages and Start Again

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Do you want your notes, sketches, and ideas all in one place on your cloud, email or Dropbox but prefer actually writing it down instead of typing? Rocketbook Wave might be the perfect gadget for you then.

Declutter your space and have everything easily accessible. Rocketbook is used like any other normal notebook, with the difference that you can simply upload your writings in seconds. When the notes are saved the pages can be erased by popping the book in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

Tile Slim - Phone Finder. Wallet Finder. Item Finder

Tile Slim - Item Finder


Meet Tile Slim, the thinnest Bluetooth tracker in the world. It helps you to never lose your phone, bag or wallet ever again!
We all know the annoying situation of not finding your phone but even calling is useless because it is on silent mode – with Tile, one press is enough to make your phone ring in every mode! Connected to an app Tile shows you the location of lost items in seconds. Small, handy and as thin as two credit cards Tile fits in every pocket.

Easy-Macro - Bracelet-Macro +4, Macro Lens +4 - For Smartphones

Easy Macro Lens For Smartphones


Easy Macro allows your smartphone or tablet to capture the small details that it usually would not be able to, thanks to the four-times magnifying lens.

Save yourself the money to buy an expensive macro lens camera, Easy Macro is simple to adjust and offers great results.

ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses Phone Case


Do you find yourself often trying to read something but forgot your glasses? ThinOptics has the solution for you! The extremely thin and foldable reading glasses are a real lightweight. ThinOptics matching universal pod allows you to stick your glasses on the back of your smartphone without any residue.

Thanks to the small size and light weight of the pocket it is also easily stored in every purse, wallet or ID.




LifeLink is a charging cable that can fit everywhere. Suitable for Apple devices, this charger as thin as a credit card fits in every wallet or purse and can even be used as a keyring. Thanks to its unique and patented style it can always be by your side.

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