5 Things Your Cat Wants On Amazon

5 Things Your Cat Wants On Amazon

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box


The most hygienic litter box on the market! ScoopFree will create a clean, dry and odor free space. 20 minutes after your cat used the litter box, the self-cleanse automatically begins when your cat is not present. The crystals absorb urine and dehydrate waste, which afterward will be pushed into a covered box, so the litter box only needs to be changed once in weeks.

Save yourself the odour and hassle that comes with normal litter boxes and let ScoopFree revolutionise your life!


Catit Original Flower Fountain 3 Litre Water Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs



Due to the freshly filtered, running water the Catit Flower Fountain encourages your cat to drink more water throughout the day. The importance of keeping your cat adequately hydrated is often not properly recognised, even though it is the biggest cause of kidney disease and dangerous crystal formation in cats!

Catit Flower Fountain has 3 different flow settings for your cat to choose which one it likes best.

Petcube Interactive

Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


Do you always wish you could keep an eye on your cat and pets while you are at work or out and about and they are alone at home? Then PetCube Interactive could be your new favorite gadget! Supervise your pet from your phone wherever you are.

An integrated laser pointer allows a real-time play session with your pet, where you can talk to them through a speaker on the device.

Never feel guilty again leaving the house without your pet. PetCube ensures even the most anxious cat that you are gone forever!

K&H Manufacturing Hangin' Cat Condo Large Tan 23-Inch by 16-Inch by 65-Inch

Hangin' Cat Condo


Ever wished you could have a cat tree for your cat to play and snooze on, but you did not have enough space? K&H Hanging Cat Condo is the perfect lounge spot for your cat that fits in every apartment.

Easily mounted on every door, this condo is a paradise for your cat. Small stairs between the levels ensure a safe climb-up.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Get your cat the exercise it needs with One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel! Especially housecats often do not get an adequate amount of exercise and movement that they need, which often results in build up energy at the end of the day or even health problems like overweight or joint problems. One Fast Exercise Wheel might be the answer to your concerns, by giving your cat its needed work out in a playful and fun way.

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