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Great Kids Gadgets Available On Amazon

Sphero SPRK+ Robot 115

Sphero SPRK+ Robot


See your kids learning about the fundamental parts of programming, coding and the general understanding of robots in our day to day life, all through play.
Sphero is a learning program that is used in schools to teach kids some of the most important technological features of the future.

Anki Cozmo 189

Anki Cozmo


Meet Cozmo, the curious explorer! This little guy is not only a supercomputer with hundreds of different emotions, a face and character recognition software and soon your kid’s favorite companion.

Cozmo will fascinate all age groups and will put a smile on everyone’s face. Thanks to years of trials and artificial intelligence Cozmo can play games, talk and will evolve into its own personality to match with your household and become a little part of your family.

The Original PlasmaCar 64

The Original PlasmaCar


Great fun for all ages. Plasma Car is powered by the movement of your arms and body, no fuel or electricity needed. Made from high-quality materials, this toy is safe for all ages from 3 and above. Even parents love to take a ride on Plasma Car, it is suitable for weights up to 220lbs!

Wiggy Smart Piggybank 29

Wiggy Smart Piggybank


Are you looking for a gift that both motivates and helps teach your kids the importance of saving the money they worked for?

Make your kids love to complete their chores and tasks with Wiggy Piggy Bank and help them save their own money for little dreams like a new bike or a scooter.

Through an app you can schedule reoccurring tasks or put up new ones like taking out the trash or doing the dishes. Your kid gets notified through the pig and will be excited every time you put up something new!

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